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  • Currently Receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits
  • Age 18-64
  • Ready to try to return to work


  • When someone clicks your unique link, it will take your referrals to the MEO Main application page on our website.
  • If the MEO application is filled out completely, it will register as a "sale” and you will earn $10.00.  
  • For each qualified application that becomes a client, you earn $50.00.*

*Remember for an application to be qualified:

You must collect the answer to all 3 of the qualifying items listed in the requirements section above.

  • All Ambassador commissions will be paid via Paypal monthly after the month closes.  If you need a Paypal account, click here.
  • Duplicate applications will be excluded from payments.
  • Employment Options reserves the right to end an Ambassador partnership at any time if necessary.

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